Family and Relationship Therapist

Linda has an extensive background in providing treatment services to families of varying compositions and orientations, from all cultural backgrounds, and presenting diverse issues.  She has had 30+ years of experience handling a variety of problems and symptoms and routinely provides crisis intervention services to families to keep children in their homes.

Linda gained her expertise in family therapy by studying for 9 years at the Minuchin Center for the Family.  She was personally trained and supervised by Dr. Salvador Minuchin, the world renowned, highly respected child psychiatrist who was one of the founders of the family therapy movement.  After completing her training at the Center, she joined the faculty, where she served for four years.

Linda began her professional career working in New York’s Adoption and Foster Care System, initially for 16 years in New York City’s foster care system as a caseworker, psychiatric social worker, and then as the Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services for a voluntary agency contracted as a provider for NYC. She further worked for 8 years as a supervisor and then as Assistant Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services for Nassau County, NY.  

After leaving the Foster Care System, Linda transitioned to working in New York’s mental health system. She designed, implemented, and supervised at South Shore Child Guidance Center, Freeport, NY, the Pathways Program, a home-based, crisis intervention service to prevent the psychiatric hospitalization of children. That program was more than 90% effective in preventing children from being psychiatrically hospitalized and instead keeping them in their homes.  

Since 1994, Linda has been in private practice as a Family/Relationship Therapist. In addition to providing direct treatment to children and their families and to couples, she has provided supervision to family therapists who are in private practice. 

Linda recognizes the critical importance of both parents to the psychological, social, cognitive, behavioral, and physical development of their children—when both parents are fit. 

Suffolk County Supreme and Family Courts have relied on her expertise to help parents to arrive at a settlement of their differences in the best interests of their children and to develop a healthy, civil, and respectful co-parenting relationship.

Linda is now receiving referrals from Duchess County, NY Family Court to help parents in an adversarial custody dispute to arrive at a settlement of their case.

Linda educates parents who are in adversarial custody proceedings to recognize that the healthiest resolution for their children occurs when they, the parents, make the decisions for their children—as opposed to having decisions imposed upon them by others—whomever these others may be. After all, parents—not professionals—are the experts on their own children.

Linda specializes in the following areas:

  • Parental Alienation (to rule it in or rule it out) 
  • Estrangement (and how to distinguish it from Alienation)   
  • (Reunification therapy (under very specific conditions) 
  • divorce and co-parenting
  • marital/couples counseling
  • blended families
  • adoption issues
  • single parent families 
  • child abuse
  • domestic violence
  • Eating disorders
  • Disorders of infancy, childhood and adolescence
  • anxiety/panic
  • depression-
  • sexual abuse
  • addictive behaviors
  • post-traumatic stress disorder

“I believe in the power of family members to heal each other out of the love they have for each other.  I am a catalyst, as I help people in intimate relationships with each other to change each other and to achieve their goals and hopes. I will support you in uncovering your hidden strengths and talents, and I will encourage family members and/or partners to discover with each other new pathways to problem resolution.” 

Now serving the following NY counties for Family/Relationship Therapy: Duchess, Putnam, Ulster, Orange, and southern Columbia. 


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Linda has been accepted in numerous states across the country as an expert witness in diagnosing and treating for Parental Alienation. She is committed to the restoration of the relationship between a child and a fit parent who had been unjustifiably driven from the child’s life. I am available for in-person or Skype testimony. I provide consultation services on Parental Alienation anywhere in the country. 

Contact information:

Telephone: (631) 707-0174

CV: Available upon Request

Linda Gottlieb

Linda J. Gottlieb